When I first started

When I first started this cookie journey, I only did it because my oldest at the time was turning 7 and he wanted a Star Wars Themed Birthday. To make his birthday special, I wanted to create a party favor that everyone could enjoy. Not wanting your normal random mini toy that the kids will forget and throw away the minute they get home, I decided to do some research on the internet for some interesting ideas. As I was searching online, I saw a picture of Star Wars cookies and thought to myself, “I can do that”.

I scoured the internet for cookie decorating tutorials and read blogs after blogs on how to decorate sugar cookies. When I finally felt I had enough to to go by, I finally just went for it. I purchased a few cookie cutters that will work, such as a bell for Darth Vader, a Skull for C3PO and a tombstone for R2D2. For a rookie, it wasn’t bad and the look on my son’s face when I was finished was worth all the hours it took me to produce them. Looking at my first cookies now makes me chuckle because clearly, I’ve learned better ways to execute this theme.

Fast forward 7 years later and I still love visiting other cookiers’ blogs and watching tutorials and especially learning new techniques. After making dozens upon dozens of cookies over the years,  I can truly say I am a cookie artist who still loves what I do. I enjoy hearing from you all and seeing the joy on the faces of my customers during pick up. Thank you for making my cookie journey an ever evolving experience. I love the challenge of creating designs I’ve never done before and coming up with more creative ways to represent the theme of your party or event. I welcome any feed backs and questions you may have.


1 thought on “When I first started”

  1. Jane, I’ve admired your cookies for years – both your online images and through genuine experience. You are a master baker and artist, and anyone who is fortunate enough to have one of your cookies is truly blessed!

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