Cookie Class

I am a substitute teacher as well a Cookie Artist so it really makes me happy to be able to incorporate both my loves into one  – I just added two new Cookie Class offerings in July.

What better theme than to do a Beach themed cookie class. My first class offer is on July 13, from 9am-12pm. I stayed with the dark and light blue, white, and tan for a classic beach themed look. My second class offer is also within the Beach theme but more of a Hawaiian feel. Think about vacationing in the tropics. This class is offered on Thursday July 18 from 6pm-9pm. It would be a fun ladies night out or simply an evening out with a few friends learning how to decorate cookies.

I am so excited to offer these classes to those who would like to learn the craft of cookie decorating. I enjoy teaching and I know you will have a great time learning.  I hope to see you there.

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1 thought on “Cookie Class”

  1. Are you going to do any cookie classes for September or October? Also do you do host from other people’s houses?

    Yes I am finalizing a date for late September early October with a Harvest/Halloween theme.
    I have hosted at other people’s houses before. As long as I can get at least five people have room then we are good.

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